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cash for junk car

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We promise to pay the most cash for junk cars, and we promise to treat our customers with respect. In practice, it’s taken a great deal of time to build a business that regularly does both.

In order to pay the most cash for junk cars, we shop them around amongst all of different areas of the junk car industry. This allows us figure out how to get the most money for a car, and to pay the most for our customers’ old cars.

Treating customers with respect also sounds simple, but we all know how rare it is. Only our years of experience have taught us how to deliver great customer service, affordably and consistently.

We’re honest and blunt with customers. If your car is truly junk, and only worth its weight in scrap metal, we’ll tell you right away. If your car could be worth more in spare parts, or might have value to used car dealers, we’ll ask for an hour or two in order to make some phone calls to see if we can pay more for your junk car.

When a customer accepts our cash offer for their car, we’ll schedule a pick up based on their timetable, tow it away for free, and show up on time with cash in hand. That’s a promise.


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