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Sell An Old Car For Cash

sell an old car for cash

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People looking to sell an old car can call us, send an e-mail, fill out our web based questionnaire, or chat live with one of our online reps.

No matter how you choose to contact us, we’ll need to ask a short series of questions about the car you’re looking to sell. For example:

1) What are the make, model, and year?
2) How many miles does the car have on it?
3) Does it still run?
4) Does it have any serious body damage?
5) Does it need any significant engine or operational repairs?

When customers are able to offer accurate information, we’re able to quickly provide a cash offer that we’re confident will beat our competition.

When customer’s cars are potentially worth more than their weight in scrap steel, we’ll sometimes need an hour or two to make some phone calls to our partners to determine how we can make the biggest cash offer. When cars don’t run, or have serious body and mechanical problems, we’ll still work hard to make the best cash bid possible for the junk cars we’re offered.

We keep it as simple and fast as possible. We’ll never waste your time, and we always tow away cars for free. There are no hidden fees or strings attached.

We’re confident that you’ll find that we pay the most cash possible, and we pride ourselves on being the most professional car buyer  when you want to sell an old car for cash.

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