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We’re unlike almost all other junk car buyers. We don’t own a fleet of tow trucks, we don’t own a junk yard, we don’t have a steel recycling facility, and we’re not a car dealer. We just buy junk cars.

We keep costs low, market exclusively online, and treat every car we’re offered by our customers as a unique opportunity. We have built relationships with salvage yards, used car and parts dealers, and every level of the business in between.

We’ve done this because these relationships allow us to pay top dollar for junk cars. Thousands of people visit our web site each week looking to sell a used car. When a customer offers to sell us a car, we quickly figure out how we can turn that car into the most money possible.

Sometimes we break cars down for spare parts, and sometimes we sell them at auction. Other cars are worth the most because of their weight in recycled steel, and some cars we choose to fix up and resell to car dealers who have demands for cheap transportation. We’re not tied to any one way of turning old cars into cash for our customers, and revenue for our company.

Most junk car buyers have just one way of turning the cars they buy into cash. For example, scrap metal dealers only recycle the steel, auctions only sell at auction, and used parts dealers only look for good transmissions that they can resell for many times what they pay for the car.

We’re not invested in any one way, and can do whatever it takes to get the most cash possible for each car we’re offered. This means more cash for the people who sell us their junk cars, and a continuing flow of cars for our business.

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